Pharmacy Services’ Changes: View of US Specialists

In the very near future, the role of pharmacists will change dramatically. Pharmacies will not only provide many more services but will also begin to cooperate with insurance companies, promote social accounts and carry out telepharmaceutical consultations online.

IT technologies have greatly influenced the activities of modern pharmacies, and in the near future, this effect will only increase.

Pharmacies having one department are currently operating in a highly competitive environment, both from large chains and online pharmacies. Such services will be forced to change their approach to visitors, take on new functions, and show greater flexibility in solving the tasks they face. Otherwise, trusted online pharmacies will push out conventional drugstores from the pharmaceutical market.telepharmacy

New terms

Modern technical means, on the one hand, facilitate the work of pharmacies even online, on the other hand, they are a kind of test for the ability to adapt to new terms.

In 2018, the process of changing the role of pharmacies continued. They are provoked by the development of communication means. Pharmacies with one department are forced to work with online drug delivery companies. They allow such pharmacies to improve the quality of services provided and to successfully compete with large chains or online pharmacies.

Increase in range of services

Pharmacy visitors are consumers. They expect more from pharmacies than just product sales. They want the pharmacist not only to serve them quickly but also to support them. Therefore, in the coming years, pharmacies will provide visitors with an increasing variety of services. They will not only be limited to the option to be vaccinated but will also be associated with counseling on medical treatment and patient education.

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Collaboration with insurers

Another trend that will gain strength in the near future is the cooperation between pharmacies and medical insurance companies. Such collaboration will improve the quality of service. By studying information from insurers, pharmacists can give advice on the possible interaction of different drugs with each other. They will be able to conduct an online consultation if the patient has questions about the prescription. According to experts, pharmacies will play an increasingly active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the future. It will allow pharmacies to achieve better financial results.

Work with social networks

Pharmacists from conventional and online pharmacies should pay more attention to interacting with groups on social networks. People use the Internet to search for information about diseases, medications. They want to be sure they use the most modern and effective therapy options. In order to distract Internet users from online pharmacies, such stores should constantly be in touch with customers. If Facebook and Twitter posts influence the choice of pharmacy visitors, then pharmacists should use these channels as well.

Telepharmaceutical consultations

According to the American expert, one of the most noticeable trends in the pharmaceutical market will be telemedicine services. Telemedicine, or rather telepharmacy does not require technically sophisticated devices, while at the same time it can be used to improve the quality of customer service and significantly expand the role of the pharmacist. During telepharmaceutical consultations, the pharmacist can tell patients about different medications and possible side effects, give advice on how to take these medications best, and remind you to see your doctor. With the help of telepharmacy, you can reach those patients who cannot visit the pharmacy because of their health or they live in a remote distance. Such personal contact is very important because patients should feel that the pharmacy staff is not indifferent to their state.

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Pharmacy of the future

Summing up, Trust Pharmacy staff notes that the activities of pharmacies, as well as the role of pharmacists in recent years, have already changed significantly. In the future, technical innovations will remain the main driver of change, but new trends will also gain strength. Pharmacies will offer more services focused on a healthy lifestyle, and will increasingly become a partner in maintaining health, and to a lesser extent remain a drugstore. They will have to pay more attention to their image and reputation on social networks. But the most significant changes are likely to be associated with the development of telepharmaceutical services together with online pharmacies. After all, telepharmacy in the USA is already becoming so popular that in the future it may contribute to an increase in demand for pharmacists.