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A Day At The Spa

The Sandel Center of Annapolis, MD offers Medical Spa treatments for a range of skin conditions.Skin conditions range from mild to serious and should always be addressed by a medical professional. Dark spots, moles, and red blotches or severe acne can be treated. Medical Spa treatments can improve the texture, color, and appearance of the skin. Medical Skin Conditions There are a number of medical skin conditions that make the skin appear aged, or leave embarrassing red or brown spots on the face. Proper diagnosis allows for effective treatment. Our aesthetician can help patients diagnosis their medical skin conditions so that they may seek the treatment necessary to improve the appearance of their skin. Rosacea Acne Sun Exposure Aging Skin Melasma Medical Spa Treatments Your treatment plan will be uniquely tailored to your cosmetic needs and goals. Our aesthetician will help you select the medical spa treatments that are right…