Fall Beauty Highlights From the Sandel Center

At the Sandel Center in Annapolis, Maryland our goal is to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin through education, medical grade products and customized clinical skin care treatments.

ThinkstockPhotosHeather Hultzer is our lead medical aesthetician who specializes in layered, clinical skin care treatments.  Her signature treatments– Micro Hydration, Micro Texture, and Micro Clarifying target your skin’s needs while considering your healthy skin goals and lifestyle.  She also has a wide variety of medical grade chemical peels for all skin types.

Whether you are new to skin care or want to learn how you can maintain your surgical, laser, or injectable results, Heather will tailor treatments and product plans specifically for you.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Heather today to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of our clinical skin care treatments and medical grade products.

November Beauty Highlights


Treatments that exfoliate the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells and debris with an abrasion wand and light vacuum suction.  With no downtime or discomfort, you are left with softer and brighter looking skin.


A simple and safe procedure which exfoliates dead skin by shaving with a sterile medical blade.  Dermaplaning also rids the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  It is excellent for most skin types, including sensitive skin.


ViPeel is a combination of several of the most effective medical peeling agents available to target tone, texture and clarity of skin. It’s unique blend of ingredients produces powerful results with little downtime.


Using ingredients that both hydrate and gently exfoliate, the moistupeel is the perfect anytime peel.  After treatment, your skin continues to plumped hydrate for the coming days and results in soft, smooth and glowing skin.

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Melanage Mini Peel

A skin lightening system that is an advanced treatment for stubborn hyperpigmentation such as melasma.  Safe for all skin types, this is one of our most powerful peels.