Bring Balance To Your Face

RhinoplastyRhinoplasty, or a “nose job” can help improve the aesthetic of your face, and may help you breathe better. For patients who have a nose too big for their face, or have a large nasal tip, rhinoplasty can soften the appearance and help your nose blend in better with your face. Dr. Wheeler offers years of experience and an artistic aesthetic eye for natural-looking rhinoplasties.

Balanced Facial Esthetics

The goal of rhinoplasty is to create a nose that flows with the patient’s overall appearance. After your rhinoplasty, your nose will help accentuate your best features like your eyes or smile instead of being a distraction. Through a comprehensive and personal consultation, you and Dr. Wheeler will build a new nose through digital imaging so you can see what the predicted results will look like. Understanding what your new nose will look like can help ease anxiety and make you feel confident going into your procedure.

Dr. Wheeler provides patients with his skilled technique for natural looking and long lasting results. Typically performed under light anesthesia, rhinoplasty is an outpatient treatment. Dr. Wheeler will reshape your nose through removing, adding or rearranging the existing nose structure. Depending on your cosmetic goals and personal health, Dr. Wheeler will choose to enter your nose internally or externally. Your entire procedure will be thoroughly explained to you prior to treatment.

Reshaping your nose can offer patients a renewed sense of confidence. Large, or misshapen noses can often be embarrassing or distracting. Dr. Wheeler can help you achieve the natural and balanced look of a more symmetrical face.

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Insurance & Consultations

Your rhinoplasty may be covered by your insurance company. If you have difficulty breathing due to a depressed nasal valve or deviated septum, your insurance plan may cover all or part of your procedure. Our staff can help you maximize your health insurance benefits. To find out how rhinoplasty can help you breath better and feel more confident in your appearance, contact our Annapolis Plastic Surgery Center.