What are Common Means to Treat Covid-19, namely Chinese Coronavirus?

Over 3,000 individuals are infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19). These people live in 11 countries. This virus takes its root from China. There are already recorded cases of the Covid-19 epidemic in 124 countries. The virus spreads almost within all European countries. The most frequent occasion of Coronavirus in Europe is Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.

Currently, there were informed about over 50 000 people cured of Coronavirus. 15 consecutive days showed the number of recovered individuals has been over the number of newly recorded virus cases.

Despite the efforts of the World Health Organization, there is still no vaccine for Covid-19. There are still carrying out clinical trials that require much time to achieve a positive outcome – vaccine creation.

Several US companies and representatives of other countries hold trials on mice and guinea pigs at once. Before testing the Coronavirus vaccine on people scientists should be confirmed about the effectiveness of this substance. Probably, the vaccine will be prepared only by the end of the year.What are Common Means to Treat Covid-19, namely Chinese Coronavirus_

Effective strategic plan – symptomatic drugs

From the moment the coronavirus epidemic appears worldwide, many medical products have been used to treat this virus. There were used predominantly mostly symptomatic drugs. These drugs are not directed not against the disease itself, but against its typical symptoms.

Keep in mind that Covid-19 does not acquire any specific symptoms. Unfortunately, this disease is not almost different from any other respiratory viral infection like a cold or flu. The only difference is that it can also develop into pneumonia in the same way, has a negative influence on the kidney state.

The most common symptoms are fever, general weakness, and dry cough. These symptoms are found and persist in 60% of patients. Approximately 1 out of 3 people has observed muscle pain and shortness of breath, although these symptoms appear approximately on the 5th day after the disease onset.

Only a few patients complain about headaches and sore throats.

In mid-February, The Lancet published a letter from Chinese doctors who created their own algorithm. Such patients complain of cough, chills, or sore throat. First of all, these patients are appointed general blood test, chest computed tomography, then, they are recommended to undergo tests for viral pneumonia and the coronavirus itself.

If the result is negative, the patient is prescribed commonly-used antibiotics like azithromycin or amoxicillin. If the results are positive, the patient is isolated and treated with respiratory fluoroquinolones.

Chinese doctors experiments with chloroquine

All these drugs are intended only to make the common symptoms disappear. Unfortunately, there is still no definite therapy for Covid-19, however, its development is undertaking.

In middle February, Chinese doctors discovered that Aralen (chloroquine) helps fight coronavirus effectively. Aralen is a drug that is widely used to prevent and treat malaria. Now scientists want to add this chloroquine-containing drug into the official list for Covid-19 treatment.

Except for Aralen, there are several more drugs included in clinical trials:

  • Umifenovir: doctors take all the efforts to understand how effective it is in the fight against coronavirus.
  • Lopinavir is commonly used to treat HIV patients.
  • Remdesivir was originally developed to treat Ebola and Marburg virus.

The last remedy that Chinese doctors use in an attempt to save almost hopeless patients is an injection of blood plasma from patients who have recovered.